Exploring a sea cave on the Oregon coast

I'm a pretty curious photographer - you?

When I am out shooting, I find it impossible to resist looking around a corner, or down an alley, things like that.  I just HAVE to know what is around the bend, because it's very possibly something that I will want to shoot.  Are you like that?

When I was with the family out in Oregon in March of this year, we spent some time at various spots along the northern coast, sort of around the town of Cannon Beach, in case that gives you an idea of the area.

Anyways, one afternoon we opted to check out Hug Point, and so off we went.  You never really know what you are going to find.  In this case, we found a LOT, and it was all awesome.  I just love that area.  It's so incredibly gorgeous.

As I was walking along the beach, once again curiosity won out and I waited for the tide to recede a bit so I could walk around a rock outcropping.  I just had to see what was beyond it.  You're with me right?

Well, I found a sea cave, and yes it was just as awesome as it sounds.  I dig this kind of stuff.  I loved the movie The Goonies, and this just felt like I was in the dang movie.  It was all kinds of awesome.  So I shot the cave, I went in the cave and shot outward, and I climbed around and shot some more.

A good way to spend an afternoon, really!

And I know you are curious too - and I suspect you are thinking about pirate treasure, right?  Sorry, but I didn't find any of that.  Maybe next time!