Bull Creek sunset

This is a hidden little gem in Austin!

Bull Creek is a little greenbelt in the northwest part of Austin, just a few minutes from where I live.  There's a great trail for a hike or a run, and of course I love to show up with the camera too.  There's a lot to shoot there.

Last summer the creek went completely dry, but so far this year it's been hanging in there.  We haven't had the intense heat this year - which is obviously a blessing - and we have actually had some rain, too!  I don't believe we even hit 100 degrees here until August - that's almost hard to believe.

These two sunset photos are actually not recent, although there is still water in the creek.  And also, I took these two shots on two different evenings, and at two different parts along the trail.  I'm trying to confuse you here!  :-)   But, I thought I would share them together since they are from the same greenbelt and all that.

If you are in Austin, be sure and check out Bull Creek sometime!

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