Sunset at the Loop 360 Bridge

Close to home, and great to photograph!

I love to travel and take photographs of far away places - it's a real passion.  But I am equally thrilled when I can drive 5 minutes from home and find compelling subjects to shoot. It's certainly quicker.  :-)

This was a recent shoot here in Austin.  I could see a decent sunset coming together, so I grabbed the gear (my Olympus OMD EM-1) and took off to fire a few.

Many times I head to the well-known overlook area which sits high above the bridge and gives a commanding view.  But on this evening, I chose instead to go down below the bridge and wander that area.  I hadn't been there in a while.

The fun thing about mixing things up is that it causes you to think differently about a subject.  You can't just go into auto-pilot and start shooting.  You have to find new ways of looking at something you have seen and shot a million times before.

So I just wandered down below, firing this way and that, from the side of the bridge and under the bridge, looking for angles that aught my eye.  And of course, I turned west at some point and caught the dramatic light as the sun faded away.  That's a requirement you know!