Golden hour at The Brooklyn Bridge

Bridges are one of my favorite subjects, especially when they are as awesome as this one!

The Brooklyn Bridge is well-known and often-photographed, so getting an original shot of it is pretty difficult...and I am ok with that.  I just wanted to get there and see it, shoot it, and walk across it.  If I got a photo I was happy with, I considered that a bonus.

I got a few actually.

I was out with my friend Mark Garbowski and this was the first stop.  Being a relative newbie to NYC (my last trip was about 5 years ago), my primary choices to shoot there were all the standard stuff you would think of: Times Square, Central Park, the skyline of Manhattan, and of course the Brooklyn Bridge.  There were a lot of others too - some I got to, and others will have to wait for another trip.

But being a bridge lover, I just had to get here - it was a high priority.  So we started here, walking across the bridge and enjoying the golden hour which was quite pretty.  I took a lot of shots but most of them haven't been processed yet.  These two were fired in quick succession.  

For that first one, I just had to wait for the crowds of people to thin out a little bit, and then I fired handheld really quickly.  No tricks here, just straight-up photography, and a little waiting.  It usually works.