The rugged beauty of Ecola State Park

The view..oh, this view!  It's gorgeous, right?

Like all photographers (and all humans, really), I just love looking at a fabulously beautiful landscape.  There's just something about nature that speaks to all of us.  I personally could stare out into nature everyday (and photograph it everyday, too).

And while I do love photographing cities (since my travels take me to them, I have quite a fondness for all the interestingness found there), I have to admit that I love photographing nature just as much as the next person.

I think if you asked 100 people what kind of photos they like best, "landscapes" would be the answer given by the majority.  Humans just love looking at natural beauty.  

But seascapes are also incredibly satisfying to observe and photograph.  Wherever there is a collision between the ocean and the land, you can bet there is something dramatic to aim the camera towards.  

Of course, considering I live about 3 hours from the nearest coastline (and frankly, the Texas coastline isn't all that great), it's rare that I get an opportunity to shoot it.  So when I was with the family in Oregon earlier this year, we made a point of getting out to the sea every single day - and it was incredible.

I already loved the Oregon coastline, with all its rugged beauty and those rocks dotted everywhere.  But after being there for a week and shooting it constantly, I love it even more now.  We frequently talk about when we can return.

This spot is at Ecola State Park, which is just outside of the town of Cannon Beach, OR along the northern coastline in Oregon.  It's well worth a visit.  I also have a list here on the blog of 5 great photo spots along the northern OR coast - check it out if you're interested!