Blue hour at Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco is always gorgeous in my eye...

I find San Francisco to be a very beautiful city.  I doubt that is a revelation to anyone.  Most folks know it's a special place.  I consider myself lucky that I am able to travel there a few times per year, and doubly so that I find some free time to wander with the camera.

On one of my visits earlier this year (back in April), I was holed up in my hotel after a long day of work.  It had been raining all day, and things did not look good for photography.  I was pretty bummed.

But, the rain was lighter than earlier in the day, and so I ventured out with a camera backpack, an umbrella, and a heart full of hope.

It worked out pretty good.

I wandered along the Embarcadero for a long while, and the rain let up.  One great thing about rain is that it clears out all the people.  The other great thing is that it leaves everything all shiny, with puddles here and there that give you an opportunity to capture some reflections.  Oh yeah, there's another great thing about rain - dramatic skies!

Yes, storms are our friends.  It's true.  They bring interesting skies, and that's a good thing.

At some point I ventured to Fisherman's Wharf, and by then the blue hour was looking pretty darn incredible.  I shot a lot, and loved every second of it.