St. Michael's Church, Vienna

Another beautiful church in Europe - seems all the best ones are over there!

When I go to a town in Europe, I plan our my photo targets in advance, so as to maximize my time there.  It has helped me on numerous visits to different cities.  If you don't plan ahead, you miss great stuff, or get bogged down somewhere and forget to move on to the next bit of awesomeness.

But, I haven't always been like that.  I used to just show up and wander around without doing a whole lot of homework.  I did some, but I wasn't thorough.  In retrospect, I am sure I missed a lot of cool things.  Guess that means I need to revisit some places - darn!  :-)

Today's photos from Vienna, Austria are a perfect example of what I could have (and frankly, should have) missed when I was there well over 2 years ago.  (Yes, I have a lot of photos from previous trips that I just haven't gotten to yet. I figure that gives me plenty to work on when I am NOT traveling).

This is St. Michael's Church in Vienna, Austria, and I only got the photos here by dumb luck, basically.  I was actually walking over to another church that WAS on my list (St. Stephen's Cathedral - and it's a doozy!) and due to the location of my hotel, I walked right by here.  I loved the scene, and snapped it.

I then made a mental note to return later (since it was basically sunrise when I shot the exterior) and try for the interior.  As you can see, I was able to get in later that day, and it's rather beautiful.  And so there's a lesson for ya - always do extensive research before arriving somewhere - because there's a lot of awesomeness out there folks!