Cupid's Span

There's just so much to photograph in San Francisco!

I really enjoy visiting San Fran, and (no surprise here!) I find it to be a great town for photography.  Whether you like bridges, museums, architecture, graffiti or something else, there is something for everyone in this town - there's even a large bow and arrow sculpture.  Go figure.  They have it all! :-)

And yes, I have a list of my favorite spots to shoot in SFO!

This thing sits toward the end of the Embarcadero, right next to the Bay Bridge (part of which you can see) and the Ferry Building.  It's pretty massive in person.

On my last trip out there earlier this year, I took along my trusty Olympus mirrorless camera (since I was just getting started with it then) and grabbed some shots.  It performed quite well and I of course was loving the whole traveling light thing for a change!

Anyways, if you find yourself in this part of town, be sure and stop by for a couple of photos - just one more unique thing in a town that's full of them!