Mean-Eyed Cat

What a rockin' cool bar in Austin!

I live in Austin TX (for those of you who don't know that) and whenever I drive downtown, I inevitably pass The Mean-Eyed Cat.  It's just situated in the perfect spot for me to pass it.  So in other words, I have been driving past this place for years, and only recently got around to photographing it!  I'm way behind on a lot of things like that.

All those times when I would pass it, I would think to myself "what a cool looking place - I need to get down there and shoot it".  So finally on one recent weekend morning, I got up early and headed downtown to shoot several things.  This one was at the top of the list.

And yes, I generally prefer sunrise shooting to sunset shooting, especially in a city.  It's just much quieter and there are no tourists in my way.  It usually works out great.

Now of course, since it was a Sunday and it was before 7am, that means I didn't get inside - and still haven't been.  But my primary objective was shooting that awesome looking entryway, since I have a things for doors and entries anyways. 

And yes, this place is a bit of a tribute to Johnny Cash, who has a song by the same name apparently (I had to Google that one).  It's funny that I also travel a bit to Nashville, which is another town that has a nice tribute to Johnny Cash, in the form of a mural across a building.

So someday I will get back down here during regular hours, and go inside for a beer (and maybe some photos if they let me).  But in the meantime, I am satisfied that I finally got some shots of a place that has been on my "to shoot" list for a long time.