The London Eye

Have you seen the London Eye in person?  It's huge!

The London Eye is one of the many iconic structures in London, easily recognizable by just about anyone, whether they have been there or not.  And while I like to shoot lesser-known, off-the-beaten-path sort of things, it's also fun to shoot the "big ones", just like everyone else does.

The London Eye definitely qualifies as one of the "big ones" in London.  While it's a pricey ride (I did it last summer with the family), it's not something I would likely do again, unless maybe there was some incredible sunset happening - that would be worth it.  But since it has a prime London location, I'm definitely not above shooting it just about every time I get to London, since that's free.  Plus let's face it - it's kinda cool looking right?

So when I was there a few weeks ago, I wandered by as I was heading over to the Westminster Bridge to meet my local friends for some photo-walking fun that evening.  As you can see, the clouds and light were pretty spectacular, so I grabbed quite a few shots that day while I was standing on the bridge.

Each of these three shots is a single exposure taken with my new mirrorless camera, the Olympus OMD EM-1, which I am loving.  So in other words, no HDR photos today.  I have found that my style and my habits are changing a bit lately, and I believe that the change has been accelerated by use of the Olympus camera. I need to get my thoughts in order on that one, and then I can share it here.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos and let me know your thoughts on them!