Sunrise in Austin

Sometimes you get lucky and show up at the perfect time!

I shoot a lot, especially when I travel, and though I get my fair share of good luck, I have plenty more photos that you will never see here on the blog, because they are just not any good.  That happens - we all take duds.

And sadly, that happens a lot of the time.  We go out to shoot, and we are ever hopeful, but most times we are disappointed by the light and the clouds (or lack of both).  The photos are just flat and lifeless, and no amount of post-processing can take a crappy photo and make it better.

So when you show up at one of your favorite places, and the light is spectacular and stays that way long enough for you to shoot to your hearts content, well, that's just a special morning.  That's the stuff we live for.  That's what makes us crawl out of bed in the darkness and stumble out the door.  That's our beautiful reward.