Nightfall at Covent Garden Market

I finally made it to this spot in London - and loved it!

If you are anything like me, before you head out on a trip somewhere you compile a big list of all the things you hope to go see and photograph while you are there.  That's one of the reasons I write so many lists for the various cities I travel to - it makes it easier for those who are in the planning phase.  And why not share?  It's a big beautiful world, and we all need to go see it.

So on my last trip to London, one such thing on my list was Covent Garden Market.  In all my previous trips to London, I had just never made it over here, and I am glad that I finally did!  It's a great little spot, and it's pretty easy to get to.

I was out with my friend Mike Murphy and this was the last stop that evening, as I needed to get back to the hotel and get ready to fly home the next morning.  We arrived well after dark and I immediately took that hallway shot.  As the brackets were firing, I was approached by a security guard who informed me that all tripods were banned from the property, and he literally walked me to the spot where the property line ended, and said I could shoot from there.  Well!  At least I got this shot finished before I had to move back.

So we spent the next half hour or so working our way around the place, firing from various angles and generally enjoying the spot.  I rather like it.  My only preference would be to return at sunrise and get some great light (and I assume it would be empty then).

I have a bunch more shots from here to work on when I find the time, but wanted to go ahead and get these out there for your inspection.  Add this spot to your London list!

You can see my entire list of recommended London spots here.

So, it stays on the list for next time, hopefully!