Food trailers on South Congress

Welcome to Austin - we're a fun bunch down here!

Austin is a great town and I am happy to call it home.  There's a lot to like about this place, not the least of which is the laid-back vibe and tolerant attitudes of nearly everyone here.  Our town motto is "Keep Austin Weird", which is technically a plea to support local businesses (as opposed to chain stores from elsewhere), but it's used in so many ways now that it's become part of our everyday vernacular.

One of the "weird" things here is the proliferation of food trailers, especially in South Austin.  They are pretty common now in a lot of cities - and I am not claiming that it started here - but we have had a bunch of these for many years now.  What started as a couple of trailers along South Congress Avenue has blossomed into something of a cottage industry.  They are everywhere.

So on a recent morning, I got up way too early (according to my wife LOL) and went downtown to take some shots of the South Congress Avenue area at sunrise.  It was a Sunday morning, and as expected, I had everything to myself, just like I wanted it.  I hate having to deal with crowds.  They suck when you are trying to get photos of places and things, which is what I prefer to shoot.

So I wandered the street, at times standing in the middle of it, and shot to my hearts content, and only had a couple of cars pass by, and one or two homeless folks who mumbled something.  Not sure what it was, but I doubt it was "good morning - nice camera you have there".  :-)