Central Station, Copenhagen

Yeah, it didn't take me too long to share another train station photo, did it?

As I have said many times, I just love train stations in Europe.  They're awesome, and they are a photographic playground, especially if you enjoy shooting in HDR, which I do.  It just brings a train station to life, you know?

Plus when you consider all the architectural lines going this way and that, and then layer on top all the grungy awesomeness of these places...well, you have a winner in my book!

Central Station in Copenhagen is no exception.  I have no idea how it compares traffic-wise with some place like Paddington Station or Waterloo Station in London, but I assume it has to be much lower.  London train stations are a MESS.  They always seem to be crowded.

But that's one of the great features of this place - it wasn't very crowded when I went there, which was near sunset one evening.  I expected some post-work crowds and all that, but never got them.  Anyways, the station is physically impressive and rather large.  I loved being there!  Then again, this is an addiction of mine, so there's that. :-)

I have plenty more from this place to share at some future date, but I think 3 is enough for today.  Thanks for clicking by!