Sunset in Amsterdam

Sometimes the weather just cooperates!

Like most every photographer, when I go out to shoot I am hoping for great weather or at least interesting skies.  Most times however, it just doesn't end up being what I am hoping for.   There might be decent light, or decent clouds, but they don't often come together at the same time.

It might seem like we all get lucky with the weather more often than not, because we only share the photos that illustrate the best stuff (at least in many cases).  But the truth is, we get shut out a lot more than you would think.

And when you are traveling in a foreign city and you have flown thousands of miles and the weather is not cooperating, that's doubly hard.  It's not always easy to get to a place, and you never really know if you will ever see the place again, do you?

So when you find yourself with both nice light and some interesting skies - and you are in a foreign city, such as Amsterdam in this case - well, you are excited.  Maybe even ecstatic.  Certainly, you are relieved.

And so I was all that and more when I was in Amsterdam a couple of weeks back.  As you can see, the clouds were nice and interesting, and the light was just right.  It sort of all came together that evening, and I'm grateful for that.  Who knows when I will be there again?