St. Peter's Church, Copenhagen

Old churches in Europe are just so awesome!

If there's one thing I love shooting as much as train stations, it would be churches.  Especially in Europe, these churches are not just beautiful but they are really old and their architecture is just stunning.  Going to these is just a visual feast!

Everyone visits all the "big churches" when going to Europe, and it's a great thing to do, though I admit I also look for the lesser-known spots like this one in Copenhagen.  In fact, this one was on a little map I had but I had never heard of it.  So after a little time with my friend Google, I knew I wanted to swing by here and check it out.

Sadly, it was closed when I arrived, but that never stops me from shooting the exterior.  If I can't get in, I just can't allow myself to leave without any shots.  So I wandered around back and was able to back up just enough to get that massively tall steeple in a photo, as well as find that little door (it was locked too - I checked!) and bench scene.  The large door photo is from the front.  When I arrived there was a portable sign there, indicating they were closed and some other stuff I couldn't read since it was in Danish.  So I just picked it up and scooted it out of my way for the shot, then put it back.  Quicker than Photoshop!