Sunset at Bloemenmarkt

Sunset in Amsterdam - always a treat!

I've been to Amsterdam a few times over the last couple of years, and it seems like I have been blessed each time with at least one sunset that was beautiful.  Now you can argue that ALL sunsets are beautiful - and in some ways, they are - but I mean one that at the very least has a little something going on in the sky.

We've all waited on the sunsets that never really materialize.  Maybe cloud cover which looked promising earlier in the day never allows the sun to break through.  Or maybe there's not a cloud to be seen for miles, so while the sunset is visible, it's pretty boring.

But as photographers, we are a hopeful bunch, and always think that we'll try and shoot sunset "just in case".  You never want to miss one, especially if it ends up being amazing.

And so it was the same for me on this evening in Amsterdam.  I had been at work all day and was tired, and had a full day ahead of me.  The sky wasn't particularly interesting, but HEY I'M IN AMSTERDAM!  So, I went out to shoot.  I can't really pass up an opportunity like that.

And while I was wandering around, things just started to take shape, and I got the sunset that you see in my shots today.  While it wasn't miraculous, amazing, or insanely awesome, it was beautiful...and that's enough for me.

Note: these 3 HDR photos were taken with my new Olympus OM-D EM-1 mirrorless camera.  It's pretty amazing, and so far is working out great for me.

And almost forgot to mention - Bloemenmarkt is the famous floating flower market in Amsterdam.  All those little floating structures on the left side are the backs of the various flower shops.  It's a cool little spot.