The long shadows of sunset

Sunset in Santa Fe - always a treat!

I love shooting in Santa Fe, and it always seems that the sunsets there are special.  I don't know what's happening out there, but it usually ends up being quite a beautiful sight.  Today however, I have some shots to share from before sunset.

I was up on a hill just outside the "ring" around the historic plaza area of Santa Fe.  There's a big cross up there and you get a decent view of things.  And since it's hard to find a good sunset spot in the city, I chose this place one evening and it worked out well.

But of course, prior to the sunset is the period known as "waiting for the sunset".  It can often be quite beautiful, especially around the golden hour, but sometimes it can be pretty bland.  This evening offered up some nice golden light, although the sky didn't produce anything spectacular.

But I was interested in the view over the adobe houses, and of course that tree was pretty cool.  I like trees.  So I wandered around on the top of this hill for a while, shooting this and that, and watching the long shadows that the failing light was creating.  Not a bad way to spend some time, actually!