A visit to Drymen, Scotland

Hanging out in a little Scottish village

I am mostly a city person, both by choice of where I live, and by virtue of where I normally travel.  I just end up in cities, most of the time.  So when I have the opportunity to get out of a city and stay in a little village, I take advantage of it - especially in Europe.

The village of Drymen is not far from Glasgow, Scotland (and close to the Glasgow Airport) and honestly, there is not much to do there.   It's a cute little town, but it's sparse.  I believe the population is under 1,000.  How did I end up there, you ask?

Well, I was due to be at a customer event at Mar Hall the following day. Mar Hall is a luxury resort which is reasonably nearby.  Since I had arrived a day early - and couldn't get into Mar Hall - I opted to explore the local area, which includes Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.

I just got on Google and looked until I found a little hotel out that way, and when one came up and was in Drymen, well, my decision was made.  I just booked it, and I'm glad I stayed there.  It was quaint.

Mostly I used it as a base for exploring the nearby Loch Lomond and Loch Ard, but late one afternoon I grabbed a few shots within walking distance of the hotel.  My personal favorite was the old church, and all the weather-beaten tombstones in the graveyard.  I find that stuff interesting, though a little spooky at times.

Well, that's a quick tour of a quaint little Scottish village.  Not much to it, really - but I found it very interesting, beautiful in its own way, and quite photogenic!