Testing Olympus at the Loop 360 Bridge

I bought a mirrorless camera - oops!

Haha, I will be back later with some more details around this whole mirrorless thing, but I did pick up a new Olympus OM-D EM-1 which is a radically awesome little camera.  Despite the small size, it packs in a lot of awesomeness.

And since I have this new toy, I have been trying to find some free time to shoot and give it some practice in the field, so it can get used to living with me.  So far, so good.  We are getting along just fine.  :-)

On two separate occasions, I have zipped over to the Loop 360 Bridge to fire some test shots.  Both of these were relatively quick trips, but gave me some time to get familiar with the camera while shooting at a place close to home. My thinking was that if I screwed something up, at least it wasn't a big trip somewhere exotic.  

Anyways, so far the camera is doing great, and it's actually causing me to re-think a number of things I have been doing with the Nikon over the last several years.  I like that.  I will write about that later.

So, here are some shots I grabbed over the last few weeks at the Loop 360 Bridge in Austin.  It's my favorite spot to shoot in town, and it's close to home, so that pretty much makes it a perfect spot!

Thanks for stopping by today!