Street scenes from Amboise

I'm still working through France photos - hope that's ok.  :-)

I took the family to France last summer, and one of the awesome towns that we stayed in was Amboise, which is in the Loire Valley.  It's a fabulous little town and in my opinion it was very photogenic.  Of course, I just love to shoot European street scenes, so they are all photogenic to me LOL.

Anyways, I tried to get out each evening around sunset and blue hour for some shooting, and generally succeeded in that effort.  Thankfully, the town is very walkable and one can easily manage a photowalk there each night, without feeling like you are getting too much exercise.  :-)  You know, it definitely feels that way sometimes, since we are always hauling around a bunch of camera gear.

So I would wander the streets, looking for lights and lines, generally.  I seem to always search for those.  Luckily, I never had to look too far.  Enjoy the photos, and thanks for swinging by.