Some iPhone shots from Europe last week

I spent last week in Amsterdam and London - and the shooting was great!

I just took along my new Olympus, as I mentioned in the last post here, and it did great.  I haven't had enough time to work through all my shots, so I thought I might as well put out an iPhone summary of a few of the spots I visited in those two wonderful cities.

I had a great sunset in London - love this spot!

It was a pretty quick trip - 5 nights total, with the 1st night spent in an airplane.  So that was 2 nights in Amsterdam, and then 2 nights in London.  I was up early most mornings for work meetings, and I was moving fast, supported by caffeine and excitement, mostly. I don't recommend that for more than a few days.  :-)

Probably my favorite spot to shoot the canals in Amsterdam.

One thing I found was that now that I am carrying around the Olympus, and since it is so small and light, I am not using my iPhone quite as much as I did in the past.  I used to take iPhone shots when I was too lazy to get the NIkon out, or too lazy to change lenses.  

Mind the Gap - caught this in Paddington Station.

But I found on this trip that with the Olympus and the 12-50mm lens attached, I was able to get wide enough for most shots, and zoom in as well when needed - a great combo!  This allowed me to look at things differently, shoot a little differently, and experiment a lot.

The weather and clouds in London were just so cooperative!

The other reason I used the 12-50mm most of the time, apart from the great range, was because I have shot both towns before with the Nikon, and have previously been to many of the spots that I visited this time around.  In other words, I have already shot them quite a bit with the wide angle lens.  So this was a chance to try something new, and I absolutely loved it.  I'm really digging this little camera!

Central Station in Amsterdam - always good for the grungy treatment!

I guess that's about it for now.  I will be working on some photos to share with you soon from these two awesome cities.  And if you haven't seen my lists of "Best Places to Shoot" in London and Amsterdam, here are the links.  And yes, as soon as I process some of this new stuff, I do have some new spots to add to both lists!

Top Photo Spots in London

Top Photo Spots in Amsterdam

Thanks for clicking by today!

Had some great clouds in Amsterdam one afternoon!