Doors on Canyon Road

Sorry for the post and run!

I am just back from a trip to Amsterdam and London, and playing some serious catch-up on all things work, family, and photography-related.  So more to come on that trip real soon - or at least as soon as I can process some of the photos.  And I took some nice ones, I think!

I only took my new Olympus mirrorless camera on this trip, and really got to put it through a lot of tests.  Verdict?  I believe we have a winner here, folks!  :-)

Ok, on to today's shots - these are some of the many doors that you can encounter when wandering along Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.  It's a beautiful, winding street full of art galleries and such.  I enjoy the galleries, but I enjoy the photography even more!  Thanks for looking!  And for my American readers, enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!