Canary Wharf abstracts

Do you ever shoot abstract architectural shots?

I never really do this stuff, but whenever I see them, I enjoy them and admire the vision of the photographer.  These are often eye-catching shots (though I'm not claiming that about my shots here today LOL).  

When we walk around in cities, we are mostly always looking ahead to see what we can shoot next, right?  I always do that.  I am totally guilty of infrequently looking behind me and looking up.  But there's so much to see, and I miss a lot of shots because of it.

Well on the day I was out at Canary Wharf in London with my good friend Mike Murphy, we were wandering here and at some point he mentioned how cool it is to shoot "up" these buildings, instead of "at" them.  Good advice, my friend.

This section of town is great for this stuff, because all these tall buildings are closely grouped.  Makes sense if you think about it, but like I said, I never really do. So, I am going to try and think like this more often, because I like the results.  Hope you enjoy them too!