Sunrise in Las Colinas

I caught a pretty nice sunrise in Dallas recently!

Note: I am still testing out my new Olympus mirrorless camera, and having a lot of fun doing so.  It's quite awesome.  I am taking it on some travels soon and will then write up a full review of my experience with it.  So far though, it's rockin'.

Ok, back to the photos.  I had to be in Dallas recently for work, and as such had a pretty packed schedule, so I had very limited time to shoot.  In fact, while in Dallas for 4 full days, I only broke out the camera once.  Luckily, it was an amazing sunrise so I got lucky!

That's one of the great things about the Olympus.  It's small and light, so if I bring it on a trip and don't get to shoot any, that's actually ok with me (obviously I prefer to shoot, but you know what I mean).  The reason it's ok?  I didn't lug a million pounds of gear all over the place.  The Olympus is so light in my bag that I almost don't notice it's there!  Love that!

Anyways, I was at a hotel in the Las Colinas area of Dallas (well, technically, it's Irving, TX but it's all Dallas really) and woke up at 6am one morning to see a decent looking sunrise coming together.  I hopped up, grabbed my stuff, and headed over to this spot for some shots.  

It worked out pretty well.