The chapel at the Grand Wailea

There's just something about Hawaii...and it's easy to get up for sunrise there!

I love to shoot at sunrise - it's quiet and peaceful and you feel like you have the whole world to yourself.  I am a morning person anyways, but I agree that it's often hard to get up and get moving, even when given the opportunity to go out and shoot.  That's the only problem with sunrise - it comes early!  LOL

But when traveling from the mainland US out to Hawaii, you gain so much time that sunrise is easy to get up for, mainly because you are usually already awake!  I found myself waking up there at about 3am or 4am, and feeling ready to go.  But that does make for a long day ahead.

So on my first couple of mornings at the Grand Wailea in Maui, I got up early to go shoot and as expected, I had it all to myself.  So I just explored the grounds and shot to my hearts' content, since nothing was open anyways.

One thing I found interesting there was this little chapel.  I assume it is used for weddings, as it sort of had that look.  Anyways, I was eager to get some shots of it in the soft morning light, so it was high on my list for a sunrise shoot.

And of course I loved the little path leading up to it.  All in all, a beautiful scene!