Sunset at Pier 39

I love San Francisco, and I love sunset.

It's so hard to predict what is going to happen at sunset on any given day.  I always look at the sky and the clouds (if there are any), and my mind starts wandering, or racing, depending on what I see.  If there are good clouds out, I get all excited thinking that I am going to have a fabulous sunset.  Then many times, it just fizzles and nothing exciting happens.

On the other hand, there have been plenty of times when it looks like a complete crap sunset, and something amazing happens and it gets all awesome on you!  Those are the best ones, since they come as a surprise.  Everyone like a surprise.  Well, a good surprise, anyways.

And that is exactly what happened on my recent trip to San Francisco.

It had rained a lot that day, and after work I got out to shoot, starting at the Ferry Building.  From there, I just wandered down the Embarcadero, taking all sorts of photos along the way.  I ended up at Ghirardeli Square during blue hour, which was great.

But a little while before that happened, I was walking past Pier 39 and the Fisherman's Wharf area.  The sunset was coming together and the flat, gray skies from earlier were just bursting with color.  It was great!

So I did what I always do - I aimed my camera at everything and fired away incessantly.  It was crazy but so much fun.  I was in a hurry since light can be so fleeting, and it seemed like there was something interesting to aim the camera at everywhere I looked.  This was San Francisco, after all, which is a gorgeous city.

Hope you enjoy these shots.  I still have many more to get to from that trip - it was very productive!