Sunset in Bayeux

Bayeux, France is a nice little town in Normandy - a great base for all the area has to offer!

We came across Bayeux, France by accident when planning our trip over there.  This was last summer (I have mentioned that I am a bit behind, haven't I?) and we were taking a family trip through London (quickly) and then on to France.  There's so much to see in any country really, and France is no different.  When you are planning a trip, it's easy to think "we are going to see EVERYTHING", but reality is often quite different.

Anyways, one thing for sure on our agenda was a weekend in the Normandy area.  Call us tourists if you want to, but we really wanted to see the American Cemetery there (and we did).  But all the guide books offered so many choices in terms of what town to stay in that we ended up just picking Bayeux based on proximity and size.  It looked like it was pretty close, and it was a decent-sized town.  I knew I would be driving, and we wanted to be reasonably close.  Turns out it was a great choice.

One of the quaint little streets by our hotel in Bayeux.  We ate at one of those places.

We arrived on a Friday evening, later than expected.  We had started that morning in London.  We hopped on the Eurostar from St. Pancras International Station, which took us in about 2 hours straight to Paris, after passing through the Chunnel (which is fun).  In Paris we had to take a taxi to a different train station and then get in line and buy tickets for the smaller train that would take us to Caen.  In Caen, we had a rental car waiting.  Well, waiting is not totally accurate.  We ended up having to wait for a couple of hours to get the car, hence the later arrival in Bayeux.

Sometimes the light gets all awesome, and you can't find a good spot.  It happens.

I was tired but undaunted, and after getting settled in and having a meal, I wandered the streets for a few while the rest of the family wisely chose to take it easy.  It's tiring to spend 12 hours traveling by way of two taxis, two trains, and a rental car, but the show must go on.  Or more specifically, there were photos to be taken, so I went to take them.

As you can see, the sunset ended up being pretty stellar, but being unfamiliar with the town I was stuck wandering the streets without a high vantage point to shoot from. Oh well, at least I got some shots, and at least I was in France doing it!