The altar of Iglesia Catedral

You never know what you might find when you wander!

I'm a fan of wandering.  Although I like to plan where I want to shoot in any particular city, I still leave wandering time for myself.  It's a key part of getting things done, in my opinion.  You never really know what you might find when you are milling about somewhat aimlessly.  I have captured many a fine photo doing just that.

This is a great example.  I was in Panama City, Panama and wandering in their Casco Viejo area, which is their historic old city center.  It's a beautiful area full of buildings adorned in the old Spanish Colonial style.  I really like it there.

I had this church on my list, because I had seen photos of the exterior, but was not at all familiar with what the inside would have to offer.  There was some construction around the entrance that day, and a cleaning crew was taking care of business inside, but I stepped in anyways and just started making my way to the altar.  I could see if was pretty interesting, and it was definitely worth the stop!

Here's a "behind the keyboard" view of the shot while I was processing it:

That's part of the awesomeness of Color Efex Pro.  You can easily brighten areas that need it, increase the detail of specific areas, and make color saturation adjustments too.  Powerful stuff!