Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh

I only had half a day in Edinburgh, but I made the most of it!

Edinburgh, Scotland is a beautiful town.  I wish I had more time there on my visit last year, but sadly I did not.  That happens.  I was in Glasgow on business and, having arrived on a Saturday, decided to take the train up to Edinburgh on Sunday.  So after sleeping in that morning, I headed on up to Edinburgh. 

Why didn't I get up early and spend more time there?  Good question.  Here's the answer: I cannot sleep on planes.  I try and try, and never succeed.  So on all my Europe trips, I am awake all night.  Hence, I tend to leave a day early, knowing full well that I will crash hard the first night and sleep in a bit the following morning.  Ok, enough about that.

So when I was Googling all things Edinburgh, I saw this pub mentioned several times, so I made sure to stop by and get some shots.  No, not those kind of shots.  I'm talking about photos here.  ;-)  Anyways, it's rather cool looking and though it started to rain on me as I stood there, I'm glad I got the shot.  Maybe on a future visit to Scotland I can spend a little more time here and really get to know the city, because it's quite lovely!

Here's a "behind the keyboard" screenshot from Color Efex Pro, for the fun of it: