Some random bits of Amsterdam

I really enjoy visiting Amsterdam - it's a beautiful city!

Have you been to Amsterdam?  I definitely put it on the list of great cities in Europe.  Obviously, I have not been to all of them across Europe (still waiting to get to Budapest and Dubrovik, for instance) but I have seen quite a few, so I have some basis for comparison.

Just looking down one of the many lovely canals...

Now, most people think of Amsterdam as a place to go for a party, and that is certainly an option.  But I'm not there for that - I actually find the city very photogenic.  There are so many canals, you might think you are in Venice.  And there are so many bicycles!  Be sure and look twice before you step into the street - I have nearly been run over several times.

See all those bikes? They have so many they have to park them on barges!

One of my favorite things to do is just wander the streets there, looking up and down the canals and taking photos of all the interesting architecture.  But I also tend to do a bit of random shots here and there.  I find it's not only fun, but helps me remember a trip better, and I hope that by sharing some of these here, you can get a good sense of how interesting a city Amsterdam really is.  

See? More bikes!

I have been there twice in the last few years, and hope to return again - with my camera gear in tow, of course.  Like I have said before, this photo thing is quite the addiction.

One other great thing about Amsterdam, which I believe is not as well known as the party scene, is the museums there.  There are quite a few and the ones I have visited are pretty amazing.  Below is the back of the Rijksmuseum, and nearby is the Van Gogh Museum - both worth a visit, assuming you are interested in that sort of thing.

See the big "I amsterdam" sign?  Sort of a town motto at this point, methinks.

And of course, don't forget to get out the camera (mounted on a tripod, of course) when it starts to get dark.  I am a sucker for reflections, and with so many canals at virtually every turn, there is no shortage of cool things to point the camera at!

Blue hour - a perfect time for reflections!

Well, that's a quick tour of a lovely city, mostly shown in random bits and pieces.  I have hundreds of Amsterdam shots still to share, so keep coming back for more if you enjoy seeing this sort of thing!