Trinity College Library

This is one impressive library!

This library sits on the campus of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  I was in Dublin about a week ago, and prior to my visit I had a list of new places I wanted to go shoot there, and this was #1 on the list.  Isn't it awesome?

I have been to Dublin several times now, but for various reasons had never made it here to see this incredible library.  I have seen photos online so I knew it was something worth visiting.  I'm glad I had the time for it!

It was somewhat busy, though not entirely crowded, but when I am in places like this I try and exclude the tourists from the shots if possible.  In this case, I just aimed a little higher than normal.  Regardless, I thought it gave a nice view of the place, and in case you are curious, no you cannot touch the books. 

Some of these things are really old.  The Library also houses the famous Book of Kells, which dates from something like 800 AD.  So yeah, some old stuff in this place.  If you find yourself in Dublin, go and check this out!