iPhone fun in Copenhagen

I recently spent about a week in Copenhagen - what a town!

I first visited Copenhagen, Denmark about 2 years ago and found it to be beautiful, historic, easy to navigate....and easy to photograph!  There really is a whole lot there to aim the camera at, that's for sure!  In fact, at the time, I added a list here on the blog of the best places to take photos in Copenhagen.  As soon as I can find the time, I will be adding several more spots to the list, because I definitely captured some new (to me) spots!

But as you may know from visiting here before (you have been here before, yes?), I also take quite a few iPhone shots when I am out and about, especially in Europe.  I just love shooting all this stuff, regardless of what I am shooting with.

And yes, I am WAY behind on sharing these little iPhone posts from my trips...

My last iPhone post was over a month ago, and I have been so many places since then.  The big spots were Dublin, Glasgow, Copenhagen (which I am covering today) and around various parts of Oregon.  But going back a ways I have stuff still to share from London, a different Glasgow trip, Amsterdam, Nashville, Germany and some more from France - trips that all happened last year.  See what I mean?  I may never catch up.

So take a few minutes and enjoy these iPhone shots from Copenhagen.  All of these are single exposures taken with my iPhone 4s, with adjustments made in Snapseed.  If you aren't using Snapseed, you are truly missing out.  It's the only app I use any more - it's just so powerful and gives you so much creative control.  Ok, enjoy the shots and thanks for stopping by!