Sunset in Corpus Christi

This is a really old photo - and I just brought it to life!

Ahhh, the power of software.  I am not secretive or ashamed that I use software to make my photos better.  I love doing it, and I love sharing what I do.  It's just fun.  Some people don't like that photos are adjusted, but I don't care.  It's ok if they don't like the idea of adjusting photos by using various software products - everyone can make up their own minds about these things, of course - but I just disagree.

I believe that photos NEED to be adjusted.  They just look better...much better.  Plus, the camera doesn't actually capture it the way it was anyways.  Cameras just make some decisions here and other decisions there, depending on what you tell it to do...and then it still isn't the same as what you saw.  Anyways, I am somewhat off topic here.

I took this photo several years ago while in Corpus Christi, TX on a little vacation with the family.  I still remember this clearly.  We had an early dinner, and when we were departing the restaurant, this was the scene I saw.  It was beautiful, so I took a quick single exposure.

But, when I started processing it the other day, I decided to give it a bit more punch than the scene actually had.  I gave it more of a golden hour touch and just generally ended up with something that wasn't exactly what I saw, but I like it.  So, here it is.  It's art, and it's my art, so I did what I wanted here.  That's cool right?  Here's a screenshot, in case you are curious.