Inside Glasgow Cathedral

I love shooting in European churches.  Have I said that before?  ;-)

I feel like a broken record here on the blog sometimes.  I feel like I am always saying something about sunrise, or churches, or street scenes - primarily in Europe.  But the truth is I find that stuff interesting, and you shoot what you like, right?  (Unless you are on assignment of course, but that's not what I do.  I guess I would do it, but it doesn't ever come up.  Speaking of which, if someone needs a photographer to shoot some cool churches in Europe, let me know!)

Anyways, I do love wandering into, around, underneath and sometimes on top of churches in Europe.  They are just such compelling subjects.  It's the architecture-lover in me coming through, I assume.  I do love architecture, that's for sure.

So on one of my visits to sunny Glasgow last year (ok, it's not usually too sunny there, but it sounded good), I made sure to visit Glasgow Cathedral, which is quite fantastic.  Incidentally, it also goes by the name St. Mungo's Cathedral - a name that I love - which always makes me think of a Harry Potter book. I think there was something by that name in one of those books, wasn't there?

The exterior is also pretty sweet, being a big cathedral and looking all cathedral-like, but when I was there I found a bunch of scaffolding around the outside, which is another way of saying that I didn't shoot the exterior.  I guess it needed a good cleaning, or something.  It is several hundred years old.

There also happens to be a local beer there in Glasgow called St. Mungo's and I must say it is rather delicious.  I'm not sure if the church endorsed it, but it's pretty heavenly!