The Marble Church

Another trip to Europe...and more photos of churches!  ;-)

It seems that every time I hop across the pond, I go and shoot a church or two somewhere.  Or maybe three.  Sometimes four.  But in my defense, at least I'm going to church!  Ok, really though, I just find them beautiful, especially in Europe where they oftentimes predate the birth of my own country.  That just makes them more interesting and beautiful to me.  They're monuments, and architectural masterpieces.

This one is no exception.  This is The Marble Church and it sits just next to Amalienborg Palace in central Copenhagen, Denmark.  I just returned from a trip over to Copenhagen about a week ago, and this is the first (and thus far, only!) photo that I have had time to process.  You see, as soon as I returned from Copenhagen, I left with the family on a vacation to Oregon for a week.  

So, it's been basically two weeks since I have been home.  Yes, I'm tired.  But I'm also thrilled to share so many photos that I took in both spots (and don't forget, I was just in Dublin and Glasgow about a month ago, and have barely started on those too).  In other words, expect a lot of European photos in the coming weeks, along with some awesome stuff I shot in Oregon.  I'm getting excited just thinking about it all!