Sunset at the Distillery

If you get to Toronto - visit the Distillery District!

I don't get to Toronto too much these days.  I used to go there a few times per year, but not so much anymore.  I do enjoy the town and the people there though and am always happy to return.  It's a nice place, as long as you avoid the winters.  :-)

On my last trip up there, which was last year sometime, I took a cab over to the Distillery District, because I had heard of it and see a few pics, and I just like to check these kinds of things out for myself.  It's fun to see new stuff, and of course to aim the camera at it!

While I was there, I could see a wonderful sunset coming together, but I knew I didn't have time to get out of there and find another place, so I just went with it and enjoyed shooting there.  I grabbed this one as the light was starting to fade.  I was just wandering around the back streets there, since they are all brick.  It provides a nice contrast to the soft light in the sky.