The altar at Christ Church Cathedral

So many photos of little time.  :-)

When I travel and get out to shoot, I tend to shoot a lot.  I often come home with thousands of images across multiple memory cards, all waiting for me to get right into it and start processing.  But, I tend to process a few and then decide to hit the pause button.

I think I do this because even though I love a place (like Dublin, in this case), I get bored rather quickly with too many images in a row from the same place.  It wears me out, and I yearn for something "new", even if it's an old photo from a previous trip.  Just the very idea of changing up the content makes me happy.  

That probably explains why I like to travel.  :-)

Anyways, I have so many photos from Dublin, and am about to add more to the family when I go back there soon.  I don't mind revisiting a place, especially one as nice as Dublin.  In fact, I enjoy getting to further explore a place and getting the chance to really know the place and have a feel for it.  I just won't share too many photos right away.

Change is good, and I prefer to mix it up here on the blog.  I feel like it keeps it more interesting for you.  It certainly does for me.  I don't know if you would get bored seeing a bunch of shots in a row from the same place.  Would you?  I'll probably never do it, but why not ask?

A couple of times I have devoted an entire week to a single trip.  Maybe I will try that again.  Anyways, I'm done here.  I feel like I am having a conversation with myself, and it ain't going anywhere.  :-)