More Austin graffiti

I just can't help myself - I love graffiti!

This is another shot from the lovely and awesome graffiti wall over at Castle Hill in Austin.  I have shot there several times, and shared some pics here too, so this isn't exactly new.  But, being a fan of graffiti, it's a quick and easy way for me to get my fix!  ;-)

The thing that is great about shooting here consistently is that the graffiti changes.  Each time I go, the graffiti is different. That's a bit of a shame really, as the art there is so incredible that I hate to see it get painted over, but it's also great to see new work.  Plus, this is a place dedicated to just this purpose, so it's better than the alternative.

Anyways, it's great fun and it's definitely on the list of places to shoot when you are in Austin!