Four Courts, Dublin

I finally got a good shot of this thing!

I have been to Dublin several times now, and each time I have seen this wonderful building, standing so tall and interesting next to the River Liffey.  But, each time I have not really loved the photo that I have ended up with.  It's different reasons each time, but nonetheless I wasn't totally thrilled with any of them.

And by the way, this is the Four Courts Building in Dublin, which is the seat of their Supreme Court, among other things.  I just like the architecture, and the fact that it sits next to the river (and it's close to the oldest pub in Ireland, which is the subject of a post I hope to get to soon).

But, this time was different.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I just returned from a trip to Dublin (and then on to Glasgow) and was able to get in quite a few shots in both towns.  And despite the rain threatening in Dublin, I kept getting my shots in without too much incident, rain-wise.  It just worked out.  The great thing about rain (yes, I just said that!) is that rain comes via clouds, and clouds can add a lot of interest and drama to a shot.  

Take this photo, for instance.  Although I like the shot a lot, I admit the sky adds a different (and more interesting) element to the shot. If there were no clouds in the sky and it was a clear blue, I would be pretty bored with it.

Anyways, it worked out great for me last week, and I am trying to find a little time to process more shots from the trip - so much to work on!  (and that's a good problem)

Here's a Before and After in case you want to see the processing steps that I took while working on this one in Color Efex Pro: