Morning on the Pedernales River

I love photographing rivers - they're just so peaceful, you know?

I think the sound of running water is universally liked, unless you need to pee really bad that is, then you hate it.  But you know what I mean.  It's so soothing and tranquil - it instantly relaxes me.  Even in the midst of some busy-ness, the soft sound of running water immediately has an effect.

I assume that is why I enjoy shooting along rivers, or at least partly why I like it.  When the water is still (say, a big, wide, slow-moving river) then you can capture some great reflections, and I love those.  This is usually something I find in cities.  Here in Austin is a great example.  Portland is the same.  It's pretty common, of course.  So when I travel to a new city, I am always looking for a river near the downtown to try and get some sweet reflections.

But out in nature it's great to shoot too, even when reflections are not possible.  I was out one morning down on the southwest side of Austin, off towards the hill country.  I had been at Hamilton Pool and upon leaving there, decided to head over here to the Pedernales River (that's pronounced Purd'nalis for any non-locals reading this) to grab some shots.  I was loving the awesome sky that morning, and glad I made the stop.  It's great to enjoy scenes like this without even seeing another car go by.