iPhone fun in Amboise, France

Well, hot on the heels on my last iPhone post from France...here's another one: this time, lovely Amboise!

As I mentioned last week in my iPhone post, I am way behind but I am sure trying to catch up.  I'm sure that happens to all of us photographers.  We shoot, process and share...then realize we have skipped over a bunch of stuff!

It happens to me all the time.  Since I process my photos out of order, I am always in my Aperture library looking at shots that I have taken on all sorts of trips to all sorts of places...and I frequently find some real gems and wonder why I didn't get to them sooner.


It's really the same with my iPhone.  While I don't have nearly as many iPhone shots as I do Nikon shots, there are still quite a few.  As of this moment, I have north of 2,000 photos in my iPhone camera roll.  That may not sound like a lot, but in the last 2 years I have removed at least that many 3-4 times, so the total iPhone library is something like 8,000-10,000.  That number is a guess since I am too lazy to look it up, but it's at least directionally accurate.

The cool thing is that I always find stuff to process on the iPhone, and I always find things I love when I do that.  There's just a lot of content that I am carrying around, and it's awesome to be able to take a few minutes and crank out some artistic stuff.  That's one of my favorite things about iPhoneography - processing photos is not a big production requiring dedicated amounts of time.  I can get a few shots done in 5 minutes.  That's awesome.

Anyways, these shots are also from the family trip last summer to France, but from the little town of Amboise, which sits alongside the River Loire as it winds its way through the Loire Valley.  It's a picturesque area and the town is rather charming.  I loved it there, and would love to go back. 


In addition to shooting various street scenes, of course I was happy to find a little mural showing good old Leonardo da Vinci, who famously spent time here in his later years.  In fact, his tomb is here, up at the castle/chateau which sits on the hill above town.  I'll save that spot for another iPhone post at some point.  It's pretty wicked.


And of course, I went out a couple of times in search of a great sunset...and WOW was I ever rewarded for that idea!

Well that's it today folks, thanks for stopping by, and here's one last look at the arch and tower which sits squarely in the historic town center.  So much charm here, you really must visit.  Have a great day!