Dining in Amboise

Blue hour in the Loire Valley - great for photography!

Ok, that's a little misleading because let me be honest - any time of day in the Loire Valley is great for photography!  The place is just so beautiful, even in unflattering light.  I shot a million photos there (ok, not really a million, but you know what I mean) at all times of day.

And yes, like everyone else, I prefer to shoot at the edges of the day when the light is soft and flattering: sunrise, sunset, and the golden and blue hours.  Luckily, you get them all each day!  I'm fired up now!  I want to go shoot!

Anyways, I took the family over to France last summer, and we spent about 5 days in a little town called Amboise, which is situated right on the River Loire in the Loire Valley.  It's a great base to explore all this area has to offer (you did read my list of the great chateaux there, didn't you?) and I highly recommend Amboise.  Plus it's just charming.

One evening I was strolling around taking some of those million photos I mentioned, and stumbled across this little scene.  I just loved the golden light and the deep blue hour sky that was all around it.  Plus seeing that person in the cafe just made the scene for me.  So, I fired away.  And well, here is is.  I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed taking it!