First impressions of Topaz Glow

Topaz Glow - the newest product from Topaz Labs!

As you have heard me say before, I am a big fan of the products from Topaz Labs.  I use them a lot, and I enjoy them.  They are easy to use and they work great.  I also like that they continually come up with new and exciting products that are a lot of fun.

One of their first products for artistic work that I used was Simplify, and I still love it.  Then they came out with Impression, which just blew me away.  I share a lot of photos here that I created with Impression.

Well now they have done it again - this time, it’s called Topaz Glow!

To be fair, this is not your normal post-processing product.  This one definitely sits on the edgy side of being artistic, but it’s a lot of fun.  You can do a lot of exciting and interesting things to your images with Topaz Glow.  It really gets my brain moving in all sorts of creative ways.

To quote their press kit directly: “Containing more than 70 unconventional and quirky filters, with Glow you can alter your images using neon, graphic, liquid and other electrifying effects.”

I was trying to come up with some inventive way of describing the product, but I can’t say it any better than that.  I guess I have no future in marketing.  :-)

And like their other recent products, it acts as a stand-alone or as a plug-in.  I like that.

Get it while it’s on sale!

Topaz is offering Glow, from Dec 9 to Dec 31, for an introductory price of just $49.99 (instead of the normal price of $69.99).  That’s a great deal.  Just use the coupon code INTROGLOW at checkout to get the savings!

Click here to go to the Topaz Labs site and see more about Topaz Glow!

Note: the above link is an affiliate link, and if you use it I receive a small commission which I invest in this site, and which keeps the lights on here.  Thank you very much!

And hey, here’s some sample images.  Check them out!  I will put a full review together as soon as I can and share it with you all when it’s ready!

A street corner in brussels, belgium at sunrise

chateau de chenonceau in the loire valley of france

broadway avenue in nashville, TN during blue hour one evening

a lake outside of red river, new mexico

the famous port of nyhavn in copenhagen, denmark

in the jardin du luxembourg in paris, france