Chasing a Parisian sunset

Sunset in Paris - ooh la la!

Sunset is just about everyone's favorite time of day to shoot.  It's actually my second favorite - I like sunrise best, because there are usually no tourists in your way.  But on my recent Paris trip, I was playing the role of a good tourist, and sleeping in for a change.  It was a nice change for me.

One evening we were strolling through the Tuileries Garden, which sits between the Louvre museum and the Place de la Concorde.  It was approaching sunset, and sometimes you can just tell that it is going to be beautiful.  As the light started to change, I was literally in a flat out sprint to get to a "good spot", which is technically pretty hard there.

It's hard because the view that I really wanted was of the Eiffel Tower at sunset, and I was a long way from it.  Like, a really long way.  This is basically the other side of town.  So obviously I wouldn't make it over there, but that's ok.  I knew I could still get it in my photo, if I could just get over to the Seine.  At least there I am clear of all the buildings and other beautiful attractions.

So I darted off, crossing a couple of streets haphazardly, and made it to the river, just in time to get me a sunset photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  Success!

And I couldn't resist turning a couple of these into paintings with the help of Topaz Impression!  I especially like how the Eiffel Tower photo came out - like a real painting!

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