Christmas with Quasimodo

Notre Dame is always beautiful, but takes it up a level at Christmas!

On my first night in Paris recently, I wandered from my apartment in the Latin Quarter over towards Notre Dame, partly because I wanted to see it, and partly to get along the Seine River where you can find so much great stuff to shoot.

When I arrived, they were in the process of putting up a Christmas tree, and I knew I had to return to capture that.  As the saying goes, you don't see THAT everyday.

So on a couple of different nights during that week, I found myself back here at Notre Dame, staring up at that amazing facade and trying to spot Quasimodo in one of the bell towers (no luck on that one).  But despite missing out on seeing the Hunchback himself, I did manage to grab a few photos of the cathedral.

I've seen Notre Dame several times in my life, and I'm very thankful for that.  But I must say that seeing it with a huge Christmas tree out front, and standing there while the bells ring, is truly magnificent.

(click any photo to embiggen)