Graffiti Down Under

I can't help it - I am always looking for cool graffiti!

I went to lively and lovely Sydney, Australia back in October, and it was a great trip.  It was my first time there, and apart from a couple of "big things" like the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, I wasn't exactly sure what else I was going to shoot.

So, I created a list of all the great spots that I hunted down prior to my trip and shot while I was there.  I wanted to make sure I shot everything I possibly could, because I never know if or when I will return.  Plus, it's a VERY long way so why not get the most out of the trip?

One thing I always Google before going to a new city is graffiti.  It seems you can find it in most towns, and I actually love it.  It's just another form of art, in my opinion.  And what I continually found reference to online was a part of Sydney known as Newtown.  Everything I read mentioned this area, so I went looking.

I struck gold.

I wandered the main thoroughfare in that part of town, and then started wandering off into the side streets, alleys, and even a park.  I found so much that today's post is really just a small sample of some of the cool pieces.  There was literally a TON of it there.  

So you are likely to see another post here one day showcasing more of it - when I find the time to process those shots.  Hope you enjoy the graffiti, and hope you have a great day out there!

(click any photo to enlarge)