A morning in Luckenbach, Texas

I went to Luckenbach, TX...

I am guessing that you will have that song stuck in your head for a while now.  Sorry about that.  Well, maybe I shouldn't be sorry, because it's a good song.  Maybe I just got something terrible out of your head, like "All About That Bass" or pretty much anything by Taylor Swift.  But I digress.  You didn't come here to see what music I like, or not.

So, how about some pictures?  Ok, sure, here you go.

I grabbed all these one morning in Luckenbach, TX while I was with the family staying nearby in Fredericksburg.  I always wanted to see this place, and when I got there, I was glad I made the effort to get up for sunrise.  It's a pretty cool little place.  And by little, I mean teeney-tiny.  It's about 9 acres large.  That's the whole town.

So these photos, that's pretty much the whole thing.  I spent about an hour here, mostly because it was early and I guess I was moving slow.  But I wanted to enjoy it, since you never know when you might return, and I always hate to miss a shot.

And by the way, sunrise is a great time to shoot here, because you can have the place all to yourself, as you can probably tell from the photos.  The only living things I saw were a few chickens and 2 cats.  Pretty good start to a day!

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