After hours in the Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

Yep, I still have a thing for train stations.  :-)

I've written here many times how much I love train stations.  In fact, I devoted an entire blog post article to the subject.  So if you missed that one, you can find it here.  It's a good read, but then again I'm a little biased in the matter.

But I realize that not everyone loves them like I do, and while it's a lot of fun for me, you may come here to view photos of other things, like cityscapes or even graffiti.  Come to think of it, what do you come here for?  I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

Anyways, back on track (catch my pun there?).  I was in Leipzig, Germany for a few days last year, and after hours one evening I decided to head over to the main train station and shoot it.  That's a great time of day to go because most of the people are out of there, but the stations are still usually open.  In other words, less people in my shots.

So here's a collection of photos from that evening.  I just love that cavernous interior - so grand!

(click any photo to view in a lightbox)