A week in the mountains

I just love New Mexico - it's so beautiful!

I have been to New Mexico many times over the years.  As a neighbor state to Texas, it's pretty easy to get to in the car (and by pretty easy, I mean it's still a 9-12 hour drive, depending on which part of the state you are headed to!  Yep, Texas is pretty large.).  In particular, I love the northern parts of the state, from Santa Fe up to around the town of Red River, an area known as the Enchanted Circle.  It's all just so beautiful.

In fact, I created a list of great spots to shoot around Santa Fe, if you are ever heading that way.

This past summer, our family went up to Red River for about a week or so.  It's always great to get out of the Texas heat and escape to higher altitudes for a break!  We spent the week hiking, fishing, relaxing, and in my case, taking a lot of photos!  That's no surprise, is it?  :-)

What all did I shoot?  Waterfalls, mountains, some fabulous sunsets, several road shots (including this one) and of course, we went tubing down a mountain one day, so I had to shoot that!  Thanks for stopping by!

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